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Your Favorite Coffee Shop in Sunset, LA

Coffee is an important part of many mornings, and having a reliable cafe to share the daily caffeine tradition with is vital. If you’re in Sunset, LA, or simply passing through, come see us at Honeycomb Cafe for a taste of what’s certain to be your new favorite cup of joe. Even better, we have so much more than just coffee; our menu is constantly being updated to meet our customers’ every need.

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Delicious Coffees:

Nothing beats a cup of coffee in the morning. Whether you like yours steaming hot and black or cold and creamy, we’ll make it perfectly to taste. Get the day started with your favorite brew, and don’t let anything get in your way on the path to a successful day.    

Breakfast & Lunch

Sometimes when you head out the door in a rush, you simply don’t have time to cook breakfast or lunch. The good news is that at Honeycomb Cafe, we serve hot and cold food items to jumpstart your day with deliciousness. From hot soups to cold sandwiches, we’ll make sure you have the fuel you need to succeed in your day.

Smoothies & Desserts

Got a sweet tooth? Whether you’re feeling fruity or want something more delicate, we’ve got tasty smoothies and other desserts to fill your craving quickly.

Come Get a Taste

Visit us for a bite to eat or your favorite cappuccino. We’re ready to serve you at our St. Landry Parish coffee shop. Visit Honeycomb Cafe today!

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